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Yes, it’s legit and secured. One of the best out there. Great body detail and comfortable inside. If you like to change positions a lot, she’s absolutely perfect: too heavy to feel like a toy, but not too heavy to move like a little lady. Worried that she might be too small; no. She’s like a petite woman with incredible breasts. I was skeptical about the purchase, but now I’m mad at myself for waiting so long. It was better than expected. Better than expected and more than satisfactory. Thank you!” !


Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, this is a legit doll vendor. I was initially undecided about these products. But after I decided to go with this doll, it was definitely worth it. The size and weight make a big difference. Once she is in position, either on top or from behind, you can feel her pushing against you. She responds very well to whether you are soft or hard. If you go all out, don’t expect it to last long because she will return the same energy.

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Yes, this is a legitimate sex doll seller. She was stunning, I am a very visual person and her curves and proportions were everything I wanted in a woman. The weight is not bad, my job involves lifting a lot of heavy things so I am used to heavy loads. The sex is great, she has a great hole and you feel right at home. Great for cuddling, especially when she’s in her regular pajamas, it really feels like another person is cuddling you. She is so much fun and you will love her!